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Are you damaging your skin with Electronic Cleansing Devices?

This blog is not an attempt to sway you into binning yours – if you are currently using an electronic cleansing device and it works for you then this is great. We are not a one size fits all culture and nor should we be. However, after years and years in the industry and trying multiple devices myself – this blog is my honest view on the rapidly expanding market of such devices and whether using your trusty hands can do the job just as good (and for a lot less).

Why People Love Theirs:

Often these devices have a timer which indicates a specific timeframe for when your skin will suddenly become squeaky clean and cleansed. However, if you set a timer on your phone and cleanse your skin with your hands/flannel then you will achieve fabulous results. I guarantee it.

If you are a skincare newbie then electronic devices will seem like the holy grail. However, if you invest in some good key products to meet your specific needs – you will achieve desired results likely to have a positive long-term impact. Book in for a skin consultant ASAP – skincare is selfcare and selfcare is essential.

People are sold the dream when it comes to these devices making you truly believe you must have one in order to have flawless skin. In reality – the salesperson is likely to want to hit their daily sales target. Do not buy into this. Really think about it and ensure your products (what you are actually penetrating into the skin) are what they need to be.

The Cons:

Electronic face brushes can be harmful to skin if used too often or incorrectly. Some devices could be described as a very large electric toothbrush adapted to skin, with the proposed value being exfoliation. There is a risk of overusing as a result which in turn can cause a form of acne and generally traumatize the epidermis – see our last blog on cause and effects of skin barrier damage for more information on this. Often, if you were using a moisturiser that broke your face out into acne you’d be horrified, and I presume stop using it immediately. Especially if that cream cost you upwards of £150 – it should be no different with such device.

Your skin is delicate and we must protect it. Results/deep cleansing and exfoliation can all be achieved without such device. With the correct products tailored to your skins needs alongside your hands – I can assure you; you will achieve desired results (and your skin will thank you).

Another con (quite a major one too) is that when the device is purchased, this is often online (according to statistics) and therefore, very little information or training is provided with the best way to use the device tailored to your skin. This, therefore, leads to incorrect use and the forming or exacerbating of skin issues/conditions.

The hygiene of these devices is questionable. Whilst many are advised to believe that when the brush head dries, so does the bacteria – this is incorrect. We wouldn’t do this with our bathing towels or face flannels so don’t do it with devices you use on your face. This leads me to inform you of the additional costs for brush head replacements.

Having looked into the products designed by companies that ‘work amazingly in conjunction with the electronic device’ please do not get sucked into purchasing. The contents within such products are quite frankly alarming and will not achieve desired results. Also, as I mentioned earlier – we are not a one size fits all and this is reinforced by a very little selection of such products (cannot possibly

meet everyone’s needs). If you do use an electronic cleansing device, then please use your own skincare in conjunction and do make sure the products used are correct for your skin type.

These devices are heavily marketed in retail stores, online and in magazines/blogs. A lot of people are sucked into thinking they ‘need’ such device to change their life (and their skin) but it is all for financial gain. I have seen many individuals on social media with no skincare background or knowledge selling these devices for extra income (whilst I am all for everyone making extra cash – extensive training should be provided at a minimum) yet they are unfamiliar with skin conditions such as eczema, acne and rosacea – all which could be worsened by overexploitation with this device.

My Verdict:

If you have a device and it works for you (I know some that swear by their cleansing device) then that truly is great. As long as you are mindful not to overuse and you maintain your own skincare products alongside – then go for it. However, if you do not have one and are debating purchasing one, my advice is DON’T. You will achieve outstanding results using the correct skincare, your hands and even a flannel. Also, you will not be risking causing or worsening an existing skin condition.

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