Experience the exceptional sun protection of Heliocare SPF. This unique range offers advanced defense against harmful UVA andB UV rays, ensuring your skin stays safe and shielded from sun damage.

Heliocare SPF stands out for its innovative formula, which incorporates the powerful antioxidant Fernblock®. Derived from a natural fern extract, Fernblock® helps neutralize free radicals, minimizing the risk of premature aging and skin damage caused by sun exposure.

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Protect & Glow

Why Heliocare®

Cantabria Labs presents Heliocare®, a prominent range of sun protection products.

Offering optimal daily defense against sun damage and premature skin aging, Heliocare products are enriched with intelligent ingredients, delivering maximum broad-spectrum protection against the harmful rays of the sun. These formulations work to safeguard the skin from within.

Recognising the uniqueness of every skin type, Heliocare ensures a diverse range of formulations. This approach allows everyone to discover a Heliocare product that suits their skin, providing a personalised solution for all.

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Heliocare Products For All Skin Types

Heliocare 360 incorporates a distinctive combination of scientifically validated ingredients, endowing it with unparalleled protective capabilities not found in any other product on the market.

Skincare and sun protection for pigmented skin, aged skin, acne prone skin and dry skin.

Sun Protection with Heliocare 360°

Heliocare 360° formulations feature a blend of both mineral and non-mineral filters designed to absorb and disperse the sun's rays effectively. This unique combination ensures elevated levels of protection across a variety of appealing formulations.

The sole exception to this is the Heliocare 360° Mineral Tolerance Fluid, which exclusively incorporates mineral filters. Its advanced formulation imparts a light and silky feel without leaving any white residue on the skin, addressing a common concern associated with many products solely relying on mineral filters.

Daytime Defense

While many of us turn to sunscreen on sunny days, it's crucial to be aware that UVA, visible light, and infrared-A rays can harm your skin throughout the entire year. These rays, emitted by the sun, possess the strength to penetrate clouds and glass, meaning that even on overcast days, our skin remains vulnerable.

Protection Against Visible Light and Infrared-A

Studies have demonstrated that visible light and infrared-A contribute to skin damage and premature aging. Heliocare 360° incorporates a Bioshield system designed to shield the skin from visible light—acting like our own melanin but more potent—and counteracts damage specifically caused by infrared-A.


In addition to the distinctive and potent Fernblock®, Heliocare 360° is enriched with extra antioxidants, such as green tea extract, vitamin C, and E, to enhance skin health.

DNA Repair Enzymes

At the heart of sun damage lies DNA damage, which renders affected cells ineffective and, in severe cases, can lead to mutations. Each Heliocare 360° product is equipped with potent DNA repair enzymes that not only aid in the repair of damage but also act as a preventive measure against further harm.

So whatever your skin type we have the perfect sun protection for your pigmented, ages or acne prone skin. Shop the range at Fixation Skincare Clinic today and grab 10% off your first order.