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The LABpen treatment, also known as collagen induction therapy, stimulates and restores your natural collagen production through the process of microneedling. The LABpen will focus on specific target areas of concern via advanced technology. The tiny micro-canals created by the needles, aid the penetration of topically applied serums or solutions to provide maximum results.

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Treatment Time

30 Minutes

Discomfort Level


Time Between Treatments

2 weeks

Recovery Time

1 - 3 days

Final Results

Varies By Individuals

Cost Of Treatment

£120 per session

£330 course of 3

£600 course of 6

What is Microneedling?

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H Rawland

"finally found someone i can trust with my skin"

Izzy really knows what she is talking about with skincare and it is clear how passionate she is about her job. I’m so thankful to have finally found someone that i trust with my skin and it’s the best it has ever been! I have found the right treatment & products that work for me, thanks to fixation.☺️


"My skin has never been better!"

AMAZING! Izzy is the absolute best at what she does, has a beautiful space and is always super welcoming! Trust her with my life & always have the most relaxing treatments! My skin has never been better!