Say goodbye to the hassle of daily shaving and say hello to silky smooth, hair-free skin.

Permanent Hair Reduction

Long-Term Solution To Unwanted Hair

Permanent Hair Reduction

With our latest Laser technology, we offer a virtually painless way to effectively remove hair for any skin type.

Our treatment plans are designed to give you long-lasting results, so you can feel confident and worry-free.

This convenience of never having to shave, wax or thread again is coupled with cost-effectiveness in the long run, as there's no need to continually purchase grooming products. Permanent hair reduction also provides smoother, softer skin, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation. It's time to day goodbye to unwanted hair.

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What You Need To Know About Permanent Hair Reduction

Treatment Time

Varies dependent on treatment area.

Discomfort Level


Time Between Treatments

4 to 6 weeks | Course of 6 to 8.

Recovery Time


Final Results

Varied based on individual.

Cost Of Treatment

From £55 per session*

How does permanent hair reduction work?

What are the benefits of permanent hair reduction?

How many treatments are required?

What to expect during treatment?

What is the technology used permanent hair reduction?

What areas of the body can you treat?

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About our Alma Harmony XL Pro Laser Machine

Permanent Hair Reduction | Hair Free Skin

Hair Free Glowing Skin Awaits..

or purchase the course to save up to £150.

Prices are based on the size of the area:

Extra Small x 1 - £45 | x 6 - £243 | x 8 - £288 | Maintenance x 3 £121.50

Small x 1 - £55 | x 6 - £297 | x 8 - £352 | Maintenance x 3 £148.50

Medium x 1 - £90 | x 6 - £486 | x 8 - £576 | Maintenance x 3 £243

Large x 1 - £140 | x 6 - £756 | x 8 - £896 | Maintenance x 3 £378

Extra Small: Chin, Lip, Toes, Fingers

Small: Upper lip & Chin, Cheeks, Jawline, Neck, Sideburns, Hands, Feet, Navel, Underarms, Bikini line

Medium: Full Face, Half Leg, Abdomen, Chest, Buttocks, Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Brazilian, Hollywood, Shoulders, Beard

Large: Full arms, full legs, full back inc shoulders

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Permanant Hair Reduction Courses

Say goodbye for good to those unwanted hairs - you will always need more than 1 session so why not check shop our bundles to save.

In Clinic Results

Permanent Hair Reduction Customer Reviews

J Gadman

"My Legs are so smooth and i always show them off now."

I used to be really self conscious of my legs. I'd never wear skirts and always hide my legs away. I got the laser hair removal treatment and I cannot tell you how happy I am. My legs are so smooth and I always show them off now. The beauticians know their stuff and are so helpful. Everyone who works here are so caring and kind, always happy to spend time with you and listen attentively to what you need. Wouldn't go anywhere else and would highly recommend. Wonderful place

A Ali

"Incredible results with only 2 out of 8 sessions"

The fixation facials are a dream, I am always well looked after and given the best advice for my skin. I haven’t had such glowy skin in all my life and I cannot thank the Fixation team enough for just giving 5* experience at every appointment.

Since the new clinic opened I have started to get laser which I have seen incredible results with only 2 out of 8 sessions. I’m very grateful for the amount of care and attention that is put into all of my treatments and I would always highly recommend them!